Invention USA promo

Finished a spot for a new show on History called Invention USA. Had a short window of time to come up with the concept and go to finish, which I do admit consists mainly of a bunch of things that Cinema 4D does well (and fast), namely stuff falling on a floor and bouncing around. A little lazy perhaps on the concept side, but it was one of those situations where I just needed to come up with something fast, in the midst of doing 12 other things, and see how it flies. Client liked the concept so I went with it.

I gotta say though, when I'm in a tight bind, C4D always comes through for me. Setting up the dynamics required minimal effort. It just works. And the rendering was fast as well. I started off meaning to use GI and also tested the scene with the new R13 physical renderer, but because time was an issue (needed to go straight to finish in a very short amount of time) I went with the standard renderer. The still above was rendered with the new physical renderer, however the final shot (not shown here) didn't really look much different in the end and rendered in a fraction of the time. Hope to eventually post the spot. Some style frames also included below.

2 thoughts on “Invention USA promo

  • Great renders! Even though the “objects bouncing on the floor” is (as you said) a commonly used concept, from what I see, it was executed very well. I’ve seen plenty of idents where it could look a bit too bouncy for my taste (when the objects should be more “solid” in my opinion) and it’s a little frustrating when that’s the case.

    The last still (the light bulb) is amazing. Pretty realistic considering you didn’t use the physical renderer (correct?). I like the materials you used too, wonder how you went about it creating the glass specifically. I’m not sure if it’s the material or the actual model itself but what caught my eye was the bulb itself (towards the edges of the glass). You can really sense the change in thickness where it should be. Nice.

    I look forward to seeing the final spot in motion.

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