A bit out of Character…

Five or six years ago I was contracted to design and build a character for an up-and-coming game company. It was really my first character gig, but was excited to dive in and give it a shot. Not sure if the game ever saw the light of day (not much of a gamer actually) but it was a fun project to work on and learned a lot in the process.

Never finished it completely–the boots were meant to be snowboard boots (Its Danté, the Snowboarding  Demon from Hell!), textures were never  refined and sub surface scattering’s a bit blown out. There are some anatomical problems too. Blah blah blah…

But thought I’d share anyway–just to show that it’s not always microbes and slime for me.


6 thoughts on “A bit out of Character…

    • Hi Shalom

      No just straight out Cinema 4D modelling. A bit clunky of a process, but worked out OK. Never learned Z-Brush, but it’s on my list.

  • Beautiful work! Are you rigging it or someone else–and if someone else, I’d be interested in hearing about their process. That’s my current challenge… I want to start doing characters talking, but I’m not sure how to go about rigging faces, or even if facial rigs are the way to go, or if I should go with facial blendshapes. Here’s a shameless plug for my latest video: http://on.fb.me/alien-on-bus I just used this Maya script called Rapid Rig… doesn’t do anything with faces though:/

    Anyway, sorry if rigging isn’t your thing and I just rambled on for no reason! lol

    • Hi–thanks.

      Interesting video🙂

      Actually, I’m not much of a rigger. I built and textured the model, hired someone to UV map it for me. Then it was handed over to another team for rigging and animation. I was hired only to build the model.
      There should be some good maya rigging communities around the web–maybe try the forums over at cgsociety or the Autodesk site–think its called AREA.

      Good luck.

    • Yes–I should have suggested Stop Staring. I have that on my bookshelf too. Will show you how to create the best mesh topography for your face.

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