Cellular Tyrosine Kinase test

Doing some R&D look and feel tests for an upcoming project. Playing with sub-poly displacement and the native sub surface scattering shader in Cinema 4D. Long render but looks kind of cool. AO is baked in, so will have to see what else I can do to reign in the render times.

4 thoughts on “Cellular Tyrosine Kinase test

  • Hi Andrew–thanks!

    Around 15 minutes on a mac 12-core –way too long for an effective animation project. Most of what I do is animation (occasional stills for illustrations now and then). My goal (though not always possible) is to get my renders down to around (or under) a minute per frame. In this case it’s the sub surface scatter shader that is casusing the long render times. Without it the frame renders in about 30 seconds.

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