Swamp Graphics

Back in November on ’09, R.Scott Purcell, Bob Larkin and I were asked to work on title design for the History Channel show “Swamp People” which premiered just recently. Although the client wound up going with another studio in the end, I thought I’d post some images anyhow.

Scott did some kickass comps, filming elements in his bathtub and incorprating the results with footage from the show. Below are some screen grabs from his submissions.

You can check out more of Scott’s work here: Betatron

I set off in a different direction, exploring some 3d approaches in Cinema 4D. I will not deny that the shot below may have been influenced from having just recently watched that old 70s Sid and Marty Krofft show: Land of the Lost. Rarrgh!

Got to play with the C4d plugin Ivy Grower for this one. See my post about Ivy Grower here.

And this one below was an idea we had to turn the show title into a night lantern of sorts, surrounded by a swarm of fireflies and plenty of mosquito’s I’m sure.

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