Shots from a space project

I’m working on an animation project right now which is once again science oriented, but this time instead of focusing on a world usually seen only through a scanning eleectron microscope, I’m going the other direction in terms of scale:


I hope to finish this thing SOON, but in the meantime here are some progress stills.

The planetary texture maps were wrangled from various places. NASA’s Blue Marble website had some nice maps, but I also found this great site: JHT’s Planetary Pixel Emporium which had some super high res Earth images which you could download for $8 USD. The free maps that are also there are very nice (include many planets and moons in the solar system) and could also be found elsewhere on the net if you google, but for me, the hi-res maps were worth the 8 dollars.

I did some extensive shader work in Cinema 4d to get the looks I was after, especially for the Earth maps.

The sun and star shaders were all procedural using the many noise shaders available in Cinema and mixing them in various ways.

I must say, doing these space oriented projects is a lot of fun!

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