HPV Storyboards

Here is a selection of storyboard frames created for an animation outlining the life cycle of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). You can sort of follow them sequentially starting with the left column down.


I built all the scenes in 3d using Cinema 4d, then used the Sketch and Toon module (as well as falloff shaders) to create the pen and ink look. For many of the frames, I did 2 passes–one with line only and one straight pass with lighting and materials. I would then desaturate the straight render and overlay the lineart in photoshop. I found this method more flexible then having to tweak my settings in sketch and toon to give me exactly what I wanted (which sometimes worked). What’s nice about this method is that the client gets to see storyboards that are pretty close to final (camera angles models and environments are all there) and I can pretty much jump right into production mode on the actual animation once the boards are approved. These were almost as enjoyable to produce as the final animation. Some shots are included in my reel.

2 thoughts on “HPV Storyboards

  • Hey Joel,

    Whenever I go looking for new c4d stuff, I always stumble on your site. You got some amazing work with great attention for detail. Love your reel. I was wondering if you could somehow go into the look of these storyboards a bit more. (falloff shaders for example? you mean you put fresnel in your textures?) I am guessing you did the same for the schindler stairs in your reel? And how exactly do you stack those up? Looks great.

    Hope you can make some time to us know.

    b a s

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