it's fun to go to the A-E-N-Y

OK that was a bad reference. Anyway…

Having found myself with some welcomed downtime from work, I decided to hop on a train from Philly to NYC with Scott and check out the July AENY meeting. I’ve actually planned to go to quite a few of these in the past, but something always seemed to come up. It was great to finally get out to one.


After a quick dinner and mojitos in the village, we made our way to the meeting where Eric Epstein gave a nice lengthy overview of his very cool camera tracked Trapcode Particular 2 Street Tests.

This was followed by an informative, and often inspiring vfx breakdown by The Molecule’s Chris Healer of a challenging flame-laden sequence from the FX channel’s series Rescue Me.

If you practice or are interested in motion graphics, vfx, cg or post, live in (or close enough to) NYC and don’t already know about it, I highly reccommend checking out these meetings which are usually held on the last Thursday evening of each month.

If the talent and knowledge shared at these events weren’t enough to interest you, there are also usually a ton of great door prizes offered at the close of the meeting, and good stuff too! Last night’s winners walked away with Trapcode’s Particular 2 and Gridiron’s Nucleo Pro 2 to name just a few of the many great prizes. I hope to make it back to another meeting soon!

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